Benefit, Concert for a Cause, February 15th, 2014

We might get some visitors to the blog, due to the attendance of the upcoming Benefit on 2/15. If you come to support my daughter, I cannot thank you enough! If I can ever do anything in return to show the same kindness to all of the people that have come forward to help us, I will in a heartbeat.

I must say that the benefit could not have come at a better time. As you know, Olivia has just had her 4th surgery, and she will need one more to be pain free. We have tried everything possible to avoid excising the GON (Greater Occipital Nerve), but it seems that is what we are going to have to do. Her constant 24/7, Level 10 pain just will not stop and it seems this will be our only option.

I have found out that my insurance will NOT cover her next surgery. So I want to thank everyone, from the bottom of my heart, for making it possible for us to seek the relief that Olivia desperately needs.

Excising the GON has been the one that she needs the most, but we’ve just been leery to do it because she will have numbness in her head, probably forever. We are at the point where if she is left with numbness, that is ok. We can live with that, she can live with that. It’s what she wants, just so long as she’s not left with pain, or more pain. We must decide which surgeon will perform this surgery, it is key in determining her outcome. We will be busy in the next few months determining where and when to have this done, but we will need to have it done.

Thank you all for caring so much about my daughter. She is wonderful, bright, kind and caring young girl who deserves to get her life back, and I’m confident that she will. We will be able to put all of this behind us one day soon…with a little help from our friends 🙂