Article on Nerve Decompression Surgery

I just added this link to the side bar, Useful Links.

Please check out this article, as it explains the surgeries that Olivia has had.

1st Surgery – Decompression of Occipital Area (Decompression of GON, Excision of LON) – June 2013
Performed by Dr. Ducic
Pain free for 3 full months then pain returned in GON area. LON still pain free.

2nd Surgery – Excision of Temple Nerves – October 2013
Performed by Dr. Ducic
Still Pain free in temple area

3rd Surgery – Attempt to re-do decompression of GON – December 2013
Performed by Dr. Guyuron
Not successful. Still has high pain level at GON site

4th Surgery – Decompression of Frontal Nerves (Supraorbital / Supratrochlear) and Repair of Deviated Septum / Stem Cell injection into GON – January 2014
Performed by Dr. Guyuron
Frontal Area may be successful, still early to tell. Still has numbness
She feels the stem cells will not help her as she still has very high pain level there, level 10
We still feel we will have to pursue excision of GON once she heals and as some time off from surgeries

This is a very good article, however, and I would urge anyone that has this debilitating condition to find out more about it. It’s not for everyone. Olivia was a case that did not respond to medication, she responded only to nerve blocks, and her pain was constant. In our case, it made sense, and was the only answer.


5 thoughts on “Article on Nerve Decompression Surgery

  1. I will pray for your daughter. I have the same problem.I am in chronic pain everyday from the time I wake up until the time I can try to sleep which is very rare. I am not responding to medication as well. I’ve tried chiropractic therapies. Physical therapy, aroma therapy. Changed my diet, I’ve tried just about everything. I want to look into surgery but I dint have support. Looks like ill have to do it on my own if I want my life back

    I wish and pray for you daughter to have a pain free life, there will be good days for her to come.

  2. Can you send your email. They are looking to the surgery for me but insurance keep saying no. I am very wore out on everything. I really dislike your baby having to go through this because as a adult its painful, my prayers go out to you and your family. Stay strong I truly know how you feel.

  3. Did insurance cover any of those surgeries? I am about to have my first surgery (excision of the nerves in the occipital area. Also is it completely numb in the areas that were excised from the surgery. How does that feel too. I want to do the same with the temples, frontal area but need to save more money for that.

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