Jan 13th Surgery – Frontal Decompression

Olivia had her 4th surgery on Monday, Jan 13th. As I stated in the last post, it is getting confusing for some to keep track of them all. This was to address the pain in her eyes, and eyebrow / forehead area. This area had not yet been addressed, and we knew we would have to have it as it is a separate set of nerves. I plan to post a pic on the Pictures tab, so look there for diagram of these nerves. She also had minor sinus surgery. This is a migraine trigger point, and it can cause pain behind the eyes. She had pain that felt like knives sticking in her eyes 24/7. The two together should bring her relief in that area.

She is doing fine, recovering in the hotel room now. We head home tomorrow – on her 14th Birthday! Poor baby, having to recover from surgery on her Birthday, I will make it up to her for sure.
We hope that this surgery will stop the pain in her eyes, and forehead. That area is numb right now, as it always is after the surgeries. When you mess with the nerves there, they feel numb for a couple of weeks or so and it’s hard to tell what the results of the surgery will be until that numbness wears off.

She also had stem cell injections into the back of her head, in the Occipital area where she had her 12/2 surgery. Dr. Guyuron has had success with a lot of people with this. For those that still have pain at the surgery site, or returning pain where they had surgery, he can inject healthy stem cells into the area and it will often help to ward off returning pain. We are not sure if this will work or not. It seems that the attempt to re-do decompression in the GON (Greater Occipital Nerve) site was not successful because of her pain level that she still has there, but the stem cell injection was one last effort to try to help that before we consider excision of the GON. Excision of the GON would be a last resort, because that is a big nerve and we haven’t wanted to cut it unless we have to. I have talked with people that have excised that nerve, and they would take the numbness over pain any day, so we may have to go that route. She is pain free where she had excision before, at the site of LON (Lesser Occipital Nerve), and the Temple area.

For now, we are anxious to let her heal and see what the results of the frontal decompression will be. We will also be waiting to see if her GON site gets any better. If not, that will be the last surgery she should need, to excise the GON. Wishing we didn’t have to do that, but will wait to see.

Looking forward to the day when she can say she does not have a throbbing headache, and she can get back to school! She really misses her friends, and being at school.

It’s been a long road, a long process, but we still feel we are on the right track. Nothing else has worked, but this, so thank goodness that we had something to turn to that gives her pain relief.

Wishing her a happy birthday tomorrow, and looking forward to better days ahead!

This frontal decompression was not too bad, her eyes look really good. The incisions look really good, you will not even be able to see them when they heal. Fine lines right in the crease of the eyelid. That’s how the Dr. gets to the supraorbital nerve, and also the supratrochlear nerve.


4 thoughts on “Jan 13th Surgery – Frontal Decompression

  1. More prayers for Olivia. I cant get her off of my mind after seeing her pictures : ( We are glad she is recovering well. Love you girls !!

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